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    eric clapton and metallica probably have more fans in india than megadeth has. so its quite not just to decide on that basis. and eric clapton () will have a totally different fan base too!
    Rock'n'Roll isn't just a fashion statement, its a way of life...

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    Yes agreed 6 String they all have a diffrent fan base.
    But the companies that put the money in terms of sponsorship dont look into all this.
    Why do u think companies put more money in doing a Bollywood artist gigs for any charity show. its simple they draw a much huge crowd response.
    So what if those are free shows and even beggars attend the show.
    They feel their brands get a wider publicity.

    Now if a international act does not draw a crowd response of over 20,000 people its bad for the organisers. All said and done if backstreet boys comes to india and gets more than 30,000 crowd in 2 big cities and if megadeth pulls just over 10,000 in 2 big cities than no brands will put money in rock concerts in future and more pop acts will get the coverage.

    So if the upcoming megadeth show is not a sucess then blame anyone 'Brahma' 'Opium Events' 'Me' or 'Yourselfs' but you will not get to see a Metallica concert.
    Rock n roll is forever!!


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