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    Hi everyone.....

    After so much appreciation for our cover songs.....I believe that the Time has come for a formal introduction of our band( not named yet) that I kept under shadow till now.

    We are an underground band unusually involved in different proffesions other than music. We have two vocalists with completely different style of vocals and one musician to fuse them together. We mainly operate in Dwarka, New Delhi for our musical Obsession. Here are the details of our band members.

    1. Shiva Dhar - Mechanical engineer by profession, Lives in Sahibabad, UP. Never got any formal training in Vocals. It is just his passion for singing that trains him. He Contributes his voice towards the hindi Vocals in our composition( You know he is one who sang this "Dil dey diya hai Cover song" )

    2. Upraj Singh - Electronics engineer by proffession, Lives in Hari Nagar, West Delhi. Again, no formal training in Vocals. He is our heavy metal vocalist with very aggressive touch in his voice. A machine gun and who is ready to fire "ANYTIME" and nail you down. Must have explored atleast 10 million songs by now. Name any song released in world and this guy would have heard it. Next song that is in the pipeline ( this time a heavy metal english number) would have his vocals. Be prepared to taste him.

    3. Rahul Kaul - Last but not the least ofcourse, its me....Computer and network engineer by proffesion, Lives in Dwarka, New Delhi. Never got any formal training in guitar playing or music arrangement. Learned everything on my own through years of research on the internet and still getting better. Contributes his guitar playing, arranging and recording of all the songs on his computer using different pro softwares. The innovative guitarist that believes in making beautiful things more beautiful. Always keen on adding another dimension to any good song.

    That was us and we will keep on coming with more with more good stuff....and all we need is your support and replies.....

    Thank you
    Rahul Kaul

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    that was good work!! i'll be more interested in listenin to ur heavy metal vocalist ..........reps for u!
    Don't eat BANANA.......that hurts!!!


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    abe kahan hai gana


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