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    hey devilishlypur,

    thanks for telling me to check out your version. guitaring is definitely pretty good and vocals are straight, at least relative to other members on this igt forum. i think bjr's comment is good, for that's the feeling i got. the actual song is a whole step higher (starts on F#m7) -- capo on second fret. (you can still use the same fingerings with the lovely capo though). haha, my friend hates the capo because he thinks it's cheap. i need to buy one. it's a great friend to have for me, a very mediocre guitar player. sorry for the digression--

    the higher pitch (with capo) gives the guitar a bit brighter sound. that sort of forces the singer to get this sort of bright and sort of biting sound.

    your vocals started alright but then got pretty good for a span of one minute in the middle of the song (like :45 - 1:45) and then decreased in quality (perhaps because of lack of focus?). i find this a problem of mine too. just being consistent, loud, and confident from the very beginning till the end. but yeah overall, a commendable job dawg. look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

    i like your musicianship on the 'winding' , 'blinding'. you actually go to a higher note than in the actual song and then resolve it -- nice. it is not too much and i'm glad to see some folks on igt soundtrack with some signs of creativity.

    if there is a gap between the finite (us) and the infinite, music at least makes one believe not only that there is an infinite, but that he can reach it -- for he can feel it. fire, bliss, and conviction are the plants arising from seeds of music. music is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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    thanks bro ...your knowledge is really amazing...i'll definately try to improve my guitaring...thanks for such a big response...and do post your wonderwall recording man..i want hear... keep it up.

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    Very Nice!!

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    thanks vishalll..listen vermas1 wonderwall its better than this recording...


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