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    Arrow Concrete Junglee: "The Way Me Is" Live Video

    We are a Punk Rock Experimental band based in Navi Mumbai.
    Please check out the video of our O.C. "The Way Me Is" from our last gig and post your comment on it.

    Video Link:

    Rohan Dasgupta.
    Vocals and Guitars, Concrete Junglee.

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    The bass intro is not very clearly articulated imo. Lead : Nice looking guitar btw, fits a punk image. And since I was expecting punk...the solo totally caught me by surprise. Neat. Don't really like the lead guitar tone, though, but might just be me. Terrible echo in that place, but that's most places, unfortunately (for us artists). Overall, the music is uplifting, good singing and playing, but I wish for fatter distortion. I've heard something like that tone before (was it Crazy Train by Ozzy?), personally, I feel put off by it.

    Get a tripod.

    Static. I believe that one should *feel* the music, not consciously add headbangs. It should either be spontaneous, or it risks looking superficial. Which is what happened here, I feel. Just feel the rhythm and set yourself loose from inhibitions (of thinking what the 'circle'/onlookers will think). Lead singer : *mean* the lyrics, let your face express. Apart from that, goodish interaction. ^^

    It'd really be great to have a punk band in India though, no matter what the rest (would) say. Rock away.

    Edit : Miss Gorgeous is good too.
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    Nice composition. Tapping seemed to be forced into the solo though.

    Is Miss Gorgeous your own song as well? Pretty decent.
    Everything's Eventual (tm)

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