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    Collaboration track

    This is from earlier this year, my first collaboration with my friend Neole in India.

    I make noise.

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    hey heard 20 yrs into the future....pretty cool......
    and cool site man....... reps coming your way
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    k..ive dloaded it. Heres my honest feedback (sounds scary eh ):
    1. Excellent Recording
    2. Good backing track
    3. Now about the guitaring. I liked ur tone, I liked ur feel. The guitaring was good(harmonic minor right?). All I felt it lacked was a little bit more variety, u 5 mins u could have added a few fast runs and a little more spice.(Maybe i didnt listen to it that carefully, so that cud be my mistake)
    4. On the whole a good job, wudve been excellent with a few fast runs, arps etc..a little more variety.
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