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    prashant_yadavv is offline Beginner
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    Jul 2006

    Smile chord switching problem

    hello friends,
    i have problem in playing song "inteha ho gayi" . i am not able to switch from Em to D .the timing of switching is not fitting . may be strumming i follow is wrong . so please send me the necessary advice

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    jimy's Avatar
    jimy is offline Musician
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    Jul 2005
    m not so good at wt i`ve experienced jani is that practise is the only key.....
    jst practise a bit more...
    hope u`ll get it right....
    bst ov luck....
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    cronix's Avatar
    cronix is offline Tabber
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    Mar 2006
    ^^^ agree... no shortcuts when u want to learn guitar man... practise and patience
    cut me off at my knees and call me tripod.....

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    death_metal_fan's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    One way to get past this problem is to keep your right hand strumming constant i.e. keep strumming the pattern regardless of what your left hand is doing. In other words, do not wait for your left hand to completely switch to the next chord. Keep playing the song in this way. Initially it will sound bad because you cannot switch to the next chord in time but keep practicing and you will get it.

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    guitar_man is offline Banned
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    Jul 2006

    Smile Patience is the key

    I think changing from Em to D is one of the simplest things a rhythm guitarist can do.So I suppose you are a beginner as far as chords playing is concerned.Have patience and practice more without getting upset.
    Play at slow tempo.Count 1 2 3 4 on Em then change to D and again count 1 2 3 4. Come back to Em.Repeat it many times.

    Just remember to play it very slowly in the beggining.

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    Dec 2004
    agreed to death metal fan// this will work //
    if nuttin works thn forget barre chords n go on to full chords.....
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    angel_of_sin's Avatar
    angel_of_sin is offline bassist.....
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    Jun 2006
    New Delhi
    hey dude,
    practise swiching frm e to c to d......and den em to c to d........den em to d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!seriously it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!It give gud practising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i.e. only if da strum i gud!!!!!!!Works wid up down up down too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    prashant_yadavv is offline Beginner
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    Jul 2006
    well thats not the case i have problem of timing in switching frm Em to D



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