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    blues competition

    i propose that we have a blues competition. i have fallen in love with the blues and am trying to learn more about it. anybody that plays guitar, piano, sings, or anything that incorporates some sort of elements of jazz, we should all record or do something and post them up. it won't really be competitive but more of a learning experience so that we can discuss the different styles and start to understand intuition and theory and maybe find a common ground. we could someone good like jay to judge or something maybe. well thats just my ideas, please reply if you like the blues. let's get this thing started up. i'll try to work on some blues this wknd and get some stuff up. i've got a lot of songs and ideas, but my friends are too lazy to record so it sucks, but maybe this summer. start makin music !

    if there is a gap between the finite (us) and the infinite, music at least makes one believe not only that there is an infinite, but that he can reach it -- for he can feel it. fire, bliss, and conviction are the plants arising from seeds of music. music is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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    Hey Saurabh,
    Jay is out of the forum but I am sure you'd find a lot of guys.

    I play Blues too. I stay in Indranagar, Bangalore. If you are around, we could jam. I have a few recordings mainly on Blues with a touch of Rock n Roll. I dont have a setup to record properly, so I cant post them.



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