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    shubhamAT is offline Guitarist
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    Feb 2012

    Back on the stage after so long: Playing Sayonee

    Hi Guys,

    Had a chance to perform on stage on a very short notice this Tuesday. Had never played Sayonee on stage earlier. The other guys also don't play/sing very regularly. It was kind of a rag-tag arrangement at the last moment to act as a filler in a mostly karaoke show.

    Have a look:
    Waves performing Sayonee at HP Campus, Bangalore. - YouTube

    Made few mistakes here and there, mainly coz i was nervous. The solo: I had simplified a bit especially wherever there were bends. If i were playing it alone it would have been a shade better for the simple fact that there would have been no stage fright. Hope to get better if i get more chances.

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    Hey it was good...I have played that song on stage too once....

    Over all u did pretty good..The main riff could have been much better and solo was good but somehow the guitar tone didn't go with the overall tone of the song...But u did a good job with the solo...
    Didn't feel that u were nervous at all...

    The camera guy should get one kick in his BUTTS for focusing on the wrong people during the main parts of the song.....

    Good going !!!!!
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    shubhamAT is offline Guitarist
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    Feb 2012
    Thanks a lot for your feedback. The last part of the main riff is where i fuzz things up, but trust me i am much better with the riff/solo when i am alone . Also, for the tone i agree it does not sound right to the audience even though i was directly plugged in to the PA system. However, on my amp which i used as a monitor (connected to cd-in) or on headphones the tone sounded nice.



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