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    Mar 2005

    2 originals (half done) and a cover :)

    Hey guys,

    A bit of a triple whammy here. I've got these two originals which are as yet unfinished - just little demos. I'm sure I'll finish them SOME day.

    First one's called Rainy Days:

    Second one is Blind:

    and then there's a cover of wonderwall. I could do quite a bit more to this - i intented to add some harmonies and overlapping vocals and what not. BUt my computer is playing up so I can't - which is why the ending is so abrupt as well. It sucks. but oh well

    so yeah you can find wonderwall here -

    Would love to know what you guys think about any of them if you can be bothered. Thankyou!!


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    May 2006
    Surrey, BC, Canada
    OMGGGGG>>>>>> Fatima..... WUNDERFUL VOCALZZZ!!!!
    i simply LUV ur voice.... ... n the guitarz really nice...
    but the harmony... .EKDAM LASH ..... Way to go!!! n keep postiN!
    btw.... wat prog. did u use to rec???

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    Mar 2005
    thankyou I use Audacity - its free! :D



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