This world/word

crawling on thr floor, at 7 in the dawn
staring at the page, what the hell should i draw
heards the knock on my door, come with me and dont give a fight
said he was death, and begged for my life

i said i was too young
let me finish with my toys
i have a lots to be donr,
i'll come when i am done

running wild on the grass at 11 in the noon
staring at the horizon, where the hell should i roam
felt the tap on my shoulder, its your turn now
said he was death, cant wait anymore

i said i wanted to live a hundered
come only when i have left no stone unturned
said i have a lots left here
you can come when i am done

getting high on the grass at 1 in the night
starring at the mirror, how the hell to see through the smoke
let my throat scream pout, take me with you
said i want death, cant wait anymore

am sick and tired of the world
theres nothing, no one lefti have nothing left here
i hate this world. world
hate this world. world(3)
I love this word