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    anshammer's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    arey...naii re......dnt b sorriee... its k ....
    jus wonderin...dat... u hv gone thru all these.. or writin aise hi apne se??...

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    rocker_vish's Avatar
    rocker_vish is offline Beginner
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    Aug 2006
    ah...had a real bad time.....this one came straight from ma heart! wrote it without even a single scribble....its not cuz i got good imagination its cuz what i wrote i had been through it......
    and now when i try to write something aise he......not easy.....too many pieces.......2 put together... ihope u understand bro...wel soon ill b writin somethin...just busy with studies... newyz take care and have fun! [:D]

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    madhuresh's Avatar
    madhuresh is offline madhuresh
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    Jun 2005
    good attempt !


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