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    Smile a very funny poem

    Iíve loved you since
    We first met.
    Wasn't brave enough to tell you
    Until this very sec.
    Iíve loved you from a distance
    Right after
    My first glance.
    But I shouldn't have left it
    Only to chance.
    Love is not a game
    Itís not about the glory
    Or about the fame.
    Itís about lovin another person
    with your entire being.
    But here I am all alone.
    You had no clue I loved you,
    My love never shown
    Through the darkness I am
    And the light that is you.
    Please be my valentine
    Youíll see that even darkness
    Can sometimes shine.
    So seal the deal and give me a kiss
    But I forgot one thing........
    What was your name again miss?

    plzzzzzz reply.......i m still waiting...

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    lord_neo Guest
    HAHA good one (What was your name again miss?)!



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