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    nandy0894 is offline IGT Addict
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    May 2010

    turning prodigal..

    a yng gal cheeks n a dimpld chin
    here she'd grow up...she'd live in sin
    she's gonna turn prodigal
    she's gonna believe every stupid thng to b possibl
    damn .. ppl will cll her a *****..she'd put me in trbl
    she'd sip at restricted bars
    she'd kiss sm dude at bful towers
    she'd cm up home
    lookin as if she toured d whole ****ing rome
    intoxic8ed nd losing her balance
    den one day i'd slap her to stop dat menace
    she'd eyes
    walk up to her bf/...he'd cmfrnt her wid wite lies
    id b at my place regrettin..ill just hope she neva cries..

    dats a rap...soooo....if u find it rude...dun b surprizd..

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    Please please please write properly... it spoils all the fun.. i'm tired of saying it all the time..huh !

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    horsesmouth's Avatar
    horsesmouth is offline IGTIAN
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    Jan 2009
    rap.. oO
    Its ok,,i rap with unstructured english...
    The message is good..overall, nice lines,..
    I've hung around and I've taken my time,
    I've beat the dust and kissed the grime;
    Stand I shall, not for you though,
    Its just me now, wherever I may go.

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    nandy0894 is offline IGT Addict
    Join Date
    May 2010
    @ rickyrich...aarrgh...i did not directly type dis over dats dis was easy to read..i sorry..btw...won't u say nythin bout hw was it..?? :(
    @ horsemouth...hmmm...thnk u..

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    the lines are good..

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    madhuresh's Avatar
    madhuresh is offline madhuresh
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    Jun 2005
    i liked it!!

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    nandy0894 is offline IGT Addict
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    May 2010
    thnx a lot both ov u..



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