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Thread: Tonight

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    Hey folks,

    Gimme ure opinion on the poem


    Tonight I think of the lonely tomorrow
    My life , unwillingly smiling away
    Glory and glare, no meaning to me
    A mysterious shadow, walking away

    Dawn of the day rises,
    Shedding tears as the night drowns
    Burning rage within my soul
    Calm as a dead ocean

    They say solitude lies within
    Like a candle burning in the wind
    A grave smelling of musk
    Blood in my veins running dry

    As I await my fate
    The devil inside me
    Whispers within my bosom
    Tonight I think of the lonely tomorrow

    zindagi ke bhanwar mein itni gum ho tum
    hayat ke tufan mein itne mubtila ho tum
    ke maut ke roz hi kahogi tum

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    Well, you've used good words but I can't help feeling they are mismatched. I'm guessing u put a little of yourself in the poem, which is why I guess I don't understand it. Don't think I'm harsh, I'm Just a good critic.
    Ride a wild horse against the sky
    but hold tight to his wings.
    Before you die whatever else you leave undone,
    Once, ride a wild horse into the sun.



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