This poem was just an impulse I had when I was sitting in my terrace and I just had to make a poem of this impulse and I could literally feel the emotions when I wrote this down...hope every1 like it.

Tears In The Rain

They lived a happy life
though they were rarely toghether
For her,he was her husband
But to the nation,he was a soldier.

She thought she was prepared for this.
But of course she was wrong,
Her husband was now a martyr
And though brave she was,
She couldn't stop her tears.

Its been so long now
She doesn't want to live anymore.
She wants to end the pain,
Coz she's hiding her sorrows
Like tears in the rain.

Yet she know she must live on.
She needs to keep herself
from going insane,
and hide her sorrows
Like tears in the rain.

B'coz in her arms she hold
a child with so much innocence,
that she won't let her life
just go in vain.
She'll conceal the wounds
Like tears in the rain.

She looks in to those blue little eyes
and feels like living again,
B'coz in his eyes she sees
the rainbow after the rain.