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    May 2005
    houston , texas

    soul searching...poem


    posting my new literary product.......soul searching inform of poetry

    what i have achieved after so long years
    still don't know rule to survive
    what i have given to this world
    the tears of joy or a reason to smile.

    seeing the sunrise i think about myself.
    what i do if i go the wrong way
    does my life will bring the cheer to anyone
    or it will hang in balance and sway.

    round the clock i wish to achieve lofty goals,
    what i will never close to those?
    am i on mercy of god to go for trying ?
    will i succed or will be a spent force?

    so many years had passed by.,
    every second takes its toll
    why i am doing it and who am i?
    my mind goes for a unknown stroll

    i talked to myself about my dreams
    the innner soul listened to my woes
    his smile made me wry,
    i promised myself to be on toes...............

    hoping for your comments....


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    Jul 2005
    good one ........
    Na jaane koi;Kaisi hai ye zindagaani;
    Humari adhoori kahaniii................

    They say true love is just round the corner......... I must be walking in circles.

    A smile is a powerful weapon; you can even break ice with it.

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    May 2005
    houston , texas
    thanks abhi....for reading

    all of us at some point will experience robbing of innocence or spirit-weakening of that time it seems horrible or at least diffficult but later on you will hear people say that it was the best thing that happened to them becoz it clarified who they are & what life is to them. it puts us in touch with deeper things.
    two people can see the same thing,disagree and yet both be's not logical;its psychological

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    Rohit wonderful feelings expressed very well
    Listen to your soul as thats when your heart will follow,
    Dont think bout the future and concentrate in your presence
    Gathered here in so much love
    Hearts are so entwined
    Gifts of love we think of now
    Words so filled with rhyme
    Love we will always share as
    Friends are by my side
    Constant beauty in my life
    Friendship now resides



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