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    The soo called light

    life i see u now from a different prespective
    the way i never thought i will
    caring for you although i know you mean noting now
    sometimes i feel i was longing for this shadow side
    but this darkness is scary
    so much so that if my hands touch anything i get punched by the fear of unknown
    even the closest relations now, are people i want to be farthest from
    i cant see anything not even through my internal eye
    but i feel i am standing on a high cliff
    with a wide ocean ahead
    the sound of the splashing waves is assuring
    the smell of ground is soothing
    the feel of the wet wind is inspiring
    they all will stay
    this darkness
    the absence of sun
    his nature of playing hide and seek
    is distracting
    i want to stand alone and live without the soo called light !!!

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    Brilliant one !!
    Indian Guitar Tabs Admin

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    How do you manage putting down all these stuffs together.. man hats off... Salute... Lolz



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