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Thread: sm-hw

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    Post sm-hw

    the streets are crazy
    when it rains
    low visiblity
    oozing drains

    people do hurry
    as drops go wild
    the hunter makes move
    acting so mild

    trapped in his own
    an invisible distraction
    a pure kid inside
    with so much attraction

    a mouth full womit
    gulped he swallowed
    he's not done it yet
    sm-hw the out come has followed

    mind closed soule locked
    took his turn, his punch, his shot
    narrow escape stressful a lot
    rushing with the thought
    if he's who did it, then
    that held him was what ?

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    when did u start writing poems???
    Definition of 'HUMAN BEING' : A creature who cuts trees...makes paper...and writes "SAVE TREES" on it!! :P :)




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