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Thread: sick baby

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    Arrow sick baby

    The baby is sick
    He has the ****s
    To top it off
    He even puked again

    The poor boy
    He just cannot win
    He has it coming
    Out both ends

    Clear liquids
    I give him
    In an effort
    To help him

    Clear liquids
    He gives back
    Unless it
    Comes out his ass

    waitng 4 replies

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    I always pictured babies as perfect little flowers. Thanx for shattering that image!!
    Dude, u need to find a better theme. Actually I did find it funny. you could do wonders if got the start right.
    Ride a wild horse against the sky
    but hold tight to his wings.
    Before you die whatever else you leave undone,
    Once, ride a wild horse into the sun.



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