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    May 2005
    houston , texas

    shattered dream.....poem


    posting the new poem... shattered dream

    Losing the innocence and striding alone,
    knocked off the ground and lying low down.
    Trusted all what comes in way.
    got to know how the phase sway
    Given everything i possessed
    even my destiny call it a day
    To begin fresh again
    hopelessly to change the life's way
    I walked alone.....
    and pass the night waiting for the dawn


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    May 2005
    houston , texas
    noone to comment..................

    all of us at some point will experience robbing of innocence or spirit-weakening of that time it seems horrible or at least diffficult but later on you will hear people say that it was the best thing that happened to them becoz it clarified who they are & what life is to them. it puts us in touch with deeper things.
    two people can see the same thing,disagree and yet both be's not logical;its psychological

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    wonderful Rohit

    The glow of new dawning
    Now waiting for rhyme
    Upon path of dream house
    Your heart now aligned
    Walls filled with sunshine
    Light will shine through
    Stand by the window
    Look from this place
    God's gentle nature
    In life will embrace...
    Gathered here in so much love
    Hearts are so entwined
    Gifts of love we think of now
    Words so filled with rhyme
    Love we will always share as
    Friends are by my side
    Constant beauty in my life
    Friendship now resides

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    alpha1's pants
    I dunno how I missed this one..

    And the dawn shall come!

    Nice poem

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    Aah... lovely...
    ---------- ---------------


    I dream of a better tomorrow... where chickens can cross roads and not have their motives questioned.

    I dream of a better tomorrow when i wilfully run over a few innocent chickens crossing the road and not have my motives ( or sanity ) questioned!




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