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Thread: set me free..

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    monica_decosta is offline Composer
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    Oct 2006

    set me free..

    The time i suppose
    has passed now
    aint no use that we continue
    i wont use many words
    it was happning we both knew

    i wont talk now
    wont tell anyone
    what i see
    how i feel
    whats life going through
    useless is this all
    go shut the doors
    my story is mine
    what will others do

    to share a dream
    some art
    i felt
    was reaponsiblity of every sole
    but i found
    this all
    makes no sense
    when all gets wasted
    a big black hole

    so i tell u pen
    my story ends
    i live as i
    you pardon me..
    i am no more
    romaincing with you
    and you also
    must set me free..

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    beautiful lines.. i liked it..
    but the spelling errors are a big turn off..



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