These are some of my poems on the famed Dragonlance series (the Chronicles and Legends) and the mage Raistlin, who I feel is one of the most complex and beautifully drawn characters of all time. These two poems are from Raistlin's perspectives and so is twisted and has an evil side to it. I have a few more which I wrote earlier but still need to edit them big time..

A Requiem for My life

I am a product of fate denied
Life in life when death is my life
Thorns of steel in my fingers bind
Power, might and eons combined
Cruel I seem and grievously bad
Proud I am and cravenly mad
Dead I appear and death I see
In this life's flawed symphony
Though thralled in despicable pain
Your jibes on me will come in vain
And in this tower of my reckoning
I felt death's claws come beckoning
As I lay down in anguished despair
Of the things I did beyond repair
Yet, forged in steel I did arise
Years before my first sunrise
And in that time I shall rejoice
My lady joins me of her own choice
And consumed by my life's ambition
I'm father of my constellation
See me thus and know defeat
My queen, you know I crave your seat
Of darkness I shall be the master
In time's flow I'll run faster
And leave behind my heart, my soul
And bring into being my nascent goal
To hear this raffish world extol
Soon as one they all'll acknowl
"He is the master of our minds
He is the master of this time."

A Serenade of Love Denied

Come, my love, gently come
Do not stop and turn, like
A butterfly in a spider's web
That comes but of its own
Crysania, O maiden fair
Servant of your humble lord
In him you seek pride'n'joy
And pride shall be your call
That brings you to my heart
And leaves you far from home

Hum, my love, gently hum
A tune of love despaired
A dove that flied freely once
Has a vulture now ensnared
Crysania, O maiden fair
Dutiful daughter of your God
In me you seek faith renewed
A faith that will lead you astray
And bring you not sweet death
But a life of eternal nightmares

Come, my love, gently come.