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    Apr 2007

    Thumbs up Poetess of the year 2007 : #!R@

    Hi All,

    Please join me in crowning the poetess of IGT 2007.. and she is no one but my cutie sis.. Hira...

    Rokk on....


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    i'm_not_neo's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    Congratulations!!!!!!!You deserved to win!!Like really!!!I love your poemsNew poems anytime soon Ms.IGT?

    1.Congratulate Hira.
    2.Try not to show you're a sore loser.
    3.Say like you mean it.
    4.Kick self for not voting self
    5.Kick self for not using fake id to vote.

    6.Kill Hira,Amanush,Nimisha to win.
    7.Make sure to-do list is invisible
    "I feel like I'm number one,yet I'm last in line..."

    "So I think I'll keep on walking,with my head held high...
    And only God knows why..."

    Only God Knows Why - Kid Rock

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    Jun 2005
    ^*actually laughing*

    ummm i know weird replying here after soo long but i thought it wud be nice to thank ATLEAST bish n not_neo who posted here thx guys... u rock!
    .: is it just |\/|E ... or is it the \/\/0rLD? :.

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    madhuresh's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    congrats neera !
    u truly deserve this....actually ur contributions deserve it ...rock on !



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