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Thread: one night..

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    Red face one night..

    One night…..

    One night
    Out in the open sky
    Beside the sea
    There was I

    With a bottle of wine
    And my guitar
    I looked up in the sky
    It was dressed in stars

    I had a bit of wine
    To get me started
    Strummed my guitar
    And the singing started

    I thought it was the wine
    That got the feel in the song
    But then when I sung it
    I knew I was wrong.

    It was not the brew,
    It was you
    That smiling face
    That beautiful you.

    And then I shut my eyes
    And thought of you
    And sang songs out of the blue
    Just for you

    The following morning
    I was still lying
    Beside the sea
    Dreaming about you

    And as I opened my eyes
    I could see a beam of sunlight
    I could see you standing there
    And the breeze was blowing your hair.

    I got up and gave u a kiss,
    Held you tight, Close to my heart
    And since then you have been living there
    And I will never let you go.
    ……I am really sure.

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    too much of rhymes regularly make it sound bit childish..
    apart from that.. nice work!
    नमो सुरस्वयंसिद्धा, नमो नादस्वरुपीणि I
    नमो ब्रम्हांडध्वनिर्मयी, नमो तस्यै नमो नमः II
    ----------- निमिषा-----------------

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    Oct 2004


    i m not a poet..i juss try to write when i feel about nething..but thanks neway..i think criticism is welcome..



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