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Thread: once more.....

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    May 2005
    houston , texas

    once more.....

    one more time..
    i am fighting to survive the odds of life
    in the path of unknown achievement that
    will unfold to me ......some day

    shedding tears in front
    of mirror and
    looking for the answers of what
    my bleeding heart seeks...
    looking for answers to the
    unspoken bitterness what life
    has given me
    to understand....

    wish i
    cud knw what life has to offer me
    and where my life is taking me.....
    i am
    sinking with the
    fear of being alone
    talking and listening to myself.....

    crying over
    the loneliness that engulfed me
    day and night
    and seeing losing the thread of life
    daily .....
    deeper and more stronger.....

    looking in the mirror......
    i am trying to make a braveheart of myself
    trying to hide the tears
    but my heart weeps .......
    sobbing on my fate

    walking to survive and die one day ......
    once more....
    one more time......


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    Jun 2005
    hmm... not really sure if i liked the way u rote it but then again this is the EXACT detail of wat goes inside our heads wen we are caught up in something... so i guess u did a pretty good job
    .: is it just |\/|E ... or is it the \/\/0rLD? :.

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    Aug 2006
    i agree to ir@ ...doest matter the way u wrote it.... not in exact poetic form....the matter in that matters :d . u have done a very good job mate...keep it up! and keep writin!!cheers

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    Jun 2005
    again ....sach khunn to...observation is the only thng u have other wise ur a 3rd class poet...and i really dont want to read ur creations...BUT

    looking in the mirror......
    i am trying to make a braveheart of myself

    u make it impossble to ignore !




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