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Thread: Nature's beauty

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    Oct 2009

    Nature's beauty

    The mist fades out and clears the sky,
    As the meadow squeals in glee,
    All around was wet with dew,
    As though the mist had been licking the trees.

    The sun reveals itself, turning everything to gold,
    The stars go hide themselves, but the moon just stays there; bold.
    Astonishing beauty; how beautiful can nature be?
    Nobody more beautiful ever existed, endless beauty behold.

    My first attempt, so go easy on me. :P
    ..and please give feedback..!!

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    madhuresh is offline madhuresh
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    ...poison ..writing bout nature's thats poetic :P

    ur poem is incomplete please wite some more ...and add some more thoughts to it...

    keep walking



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