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    Quote Originally Posted by Priyank_Jal_fan
    Hello..... I M Back
    hey priyank do you come at 2:30 PM everyday

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    Jakham who nahi jo jism me ***ta hai,
    Dard who nahi jo har waqt dhukta hai,
    mhohabt ko to bdnam har koi kar deta hai,
    mhohabat ka surura to jab ***tha hai,
    jab eke nahi har lamaha har jaanam
    koi is ki naam kar deta hai,
    dil tuta ho per bhe haasna eke shaan hai
    ye who jaam hai jo har ko naasheeb nahi hota hai.
    When world come to it's end only one thing remain, that is truth.....and love....keep loveing every one....coz they are son of God......and keep passing smile coz one smile can make whole world smile.

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    chi chi chi!!!
    I think we should interpret these loop divergences,
    not as a break down of the supergravity theories,
    but as a break down of naive perturbation theory.
    In gauge theories, we know that perturbation theory breaks down at strong coupling.
    In quantum gravity, the role of the gauge coupling,
    is played by the energy of a particle.
    In a quantum loop one integrates overů So one would expect perturbation theory, to break down.


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