Still remember the time when I was in school
Spending 8 hours with my friends, it was just so cool
Sharing about the views that we had in our lives
It was a Carefree life like a rolling dice

Had the first crush of my life with this beautiful woman
Was supposedly one of my school teacher back thenÖ
I was a Young life with a promising future
Turned out to be a lazy **** 8 years later.

Wasting time through my life was not a criteria
When we were checking out the girls in the cafeteria
Me and my friends questioned the holy creator
About how that dark girl could have been hotter if she was a little taller

This verse goes out to all of my buddies
Still remember the glorious days and now Iím in my 20s
Seems like it was just yesterday that we were all together
Life is such a ***** that we arenít even talking to each other.