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Thread: My :: I WAIT

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    Talking My :: I WAIT

    "I WAIT"

    You are somewhere
    in my future
    Your soul is already
    inside my heart
    These things I know
    Because I wait

    Seeking, feeling, reaching
    There is a missing part
    So I wait

    My heart
    already knows the one
    The right time will come
    So I will wait

    Is it possible
    you are my soul mate?
    Were you chosen for me
    at heaven's gate?
    I wonder and I wait

    Could you
    be waiting too?
    Not knowing what to do?
    That is why I wait

    I'm just like a little girl
    wishing on a star
    That you were here
    with me ...
    And not so far
    So I have to wait

    Closing my eyes
    at night
    Wonderful dreams
    take flight
    Love is there
    but, I wait

    I look out of the window
    at all who pass by
    I try to be strong
    I try not to cry
    And I wait......

    ( i have not wriitne this )
    Na jaane koi;Kaisi hai ye zindagaani;
    Humari adhoori kahaniii................

    They say true love is just round the corner......... I must be walking in circles.

    A smile is a powerful weapon; you can even break ice with it.

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    nice man!...whereever you got it from!

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    new delhi

    Thumbs up

    that one is good man

    simple words , deep meaning
    closely echoes my own feeling .
    good work
    don't drink water fcuk in it.



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