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    My first try at lyrics

    These sort of border poems/lyrics. This is the basic outline of a story I was making out of lyrics. I think I suck at it so just so I dont waste any more of my time I wanted to find out what others thought about it. Also to sum of the story its about a boy who is put under so much stress "from him mother who is just a totally crapy person <cant put it better with out offending some one> and from this girl he likes who wont have anything to do with him. So he has a break down, runs away from home, and gets hit by a truck, on his way to the emegency room he has a hallucination "crimson dream" and well...i'll leave you to find out the ending. Remember it may seem short but it the outline is good im going to put more in it.

    The spite.....
    I wait for you to call, the anticipation growing strong. Thinking of ways to fill up the monolog. I hope to see you soon, but wait mothers in the room. The work that needs to be done piled onto the fading sun. The screaming echoing of the walls. The rage in the voice of spite. The ever lasting plight that goes well into the night. the fading hope of a better time. The sanctum torn into. The want of something to lose. Sick of missing what what you never had. Watching TV to pass the time, being thrown into a spinning light. When they come in they will scream all night, and you, you will have to face the endless spite.

    When it all breaks.....
    Im sick of this! To hell with it all! All the screaming is driving me up the wall! I asked you to stop, but ya didnt lesion! Now its my turn to cause the pain! Now shut up and get out of my way iv got to get away! don't expect me back here another day! You can scream all ya want now mother thats not going to stop me. By the way weres my dear dear daddy? Dont worry im just feeling a little ill today!

    Running away......
    Running out the door into the night, near there by the light of the fire flies. Working my way up this old street. Trying to keep up with my feet. Night gives me wings to fly were I want. Though I haven't a clue of were im flying to...but i'll be happy any place but home....

    The shark......
    Suddenly looming out of the darkness, a big black shark heading straight towards me. Its head lights cutes the night like twin blades of light. Crashing roar, the horn like a boar. The rushing numbness followed by the on lasting black while the twisted body hit's the concrete with a smack.

    Crimson dream.....
    Surverying the landscape, seeing a field of green. Looking at the blue sky, watching the crimson rain. Standing in the shadow of the purple clouds overheads. Blue lightning touching down on the field, and I don't have very long. Voices in the darkness have been screaming for way to long. A green shimmering light in the shadows is starting to fade in the rain. The reds taking over and all I feel is pain. Standing in a field of red roses and watching the crimson sun set. Blue lightning has lit up the sky, and thunder echoes in the west. The flood of crimson is washing the plans so I don't have very long. Times starting to turn the other way so im about to be gone. Crimson water is starting to drive into my brain, and I am paranoid of the rains. Now all light is fading and humanities gonna die. For that's what happens when you see crimson in the sky's.

    Men in white coming in and out. Blurry vision snapping in and out. A bright light is shining in my face. A beeping machine is slowly keeping pace. A group of whites working on me. There shirts are stained with red....that red...that crimson...... No fear, no chill, nothing peaceful, just the over washing weariness. Sleeps coming fast I guess nothing ever last....

    The ending..
    <trough out this there is a steady beep> "nurse" Doctor he is fading fast. "Dr." No we cant he is to young to die. Keep working! <Now the beeping becomes and on lasting beeeep for a few secounds" ........ Day after day, life fades away. Happiness can never stay, but night after night we try to pretend its all right, but in the end we were only lonely again. Your all you'll have in the end.............

    Well i hope you liked it i know its sort of depressing

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    waht the hell do u think we are freaks ?
    ek hi likh deta re baba .......i really read it is ok rest all shuld rest in peace



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