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Thread: my cries

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    Cool my cries

    My cries are now without tears
    everything in this world have gone past my fears
    the pain that my heart experienced
    has overdone all that's a fleshy wound.

    My heart now has its turn to cry out loud
    pumping out, all the tears of blood
    making itself bluish black
    (still) people comment,"It's a foolish Jack."

    pls do tell hows' this. that shud tell my levels :D
    "Positive pictures come from negatives developed in the dark.So if you ever find yourself in the dark understand that God is working on a very beautiful picture."
    let live and live.
    knowledge for thyself is not wisdom, sharing it is.
    you backstab and you die.
    never say die and never lie.
    before you say,"I can't", say, "I'll try."
    one who thinks of doing it in one of the days, does it in none of them

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    Aug 2005
    nice try??

    u shud do more...



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