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Thread: "Monster"

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    Hi, I just found this place so I thought I would post one of my poems. Ive read some of the other ones that people have posted and my style seems to be different so I hope I still fit in here.


    Living inside me feeding off your pain
    Eating away at the sparkle in your eyes
    Like poison coursing through my body
    Loosen my chains I only want a taste

    Hiding from the sirens filling the air
    Painting the night red and blue
    Before they come for me
    Take my hand and follow me through
    These nightmares and torn pages written as my life

    Like a vampire feeding off your tears
    Thirsty for your blood your heart on my plate
    Take this silver bullet and put it through my head
    Take my life now I donít deserve to live
    I live only to hurt you I live only to take

    A monster disguised in my love to lure you in
    Under the full moon please grant me this last kiss
    I need it now before itís too late
    Set me free with the antidote laced on your lips
    Only you can set me free
    Only you can burn me at the steaks

    Hiding in the shadows protecting you from me
    I canít look you in the eyes
    I canít tarnish those innocent blue eyes
    Slowly turning red from the tears Iíve caused you to shed
    As you sleep so innocently in the night
    Iíll whisper the words that mean everything to me
    But words donít mean anything to you

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    Great work. I really liked it. Keep it up.
    Overwhelmed as one would be, placed in my position
    Such a heavy burden now to be the one
    Born to bear and read you all the details of our ending
    To write it down for all the world to see
    But I forgot my pen, Shit the bed again...

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    the lyrics sounds very identical to what i used to write 1 1/2 yrs back.i like your thougt somehow its a good work.keep 'em up!

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    nice...good work...
    Life is like a negros left ball...neither fair not right

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    Nice one......



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