Watching intently the deep blue eyes
seems to say me but
keeping the word within……as if
freezed …

Those 1000 watts of smile
used to make my heart stop
is not reflecting
the same innocence .....

The charm that used
to unnerve with the way it
used to take me…..
its like magic unknowingly making
mine heart melt everytime
is magicless ….

Those whispers
and those unspoken those dirty little secrets
in my ear holding me in the arms
is somewhat
looking for the words

She looks amazingly beautiful
in the while robe drooping down the shoulders…

sitting near
her reading the love letter of my pregnant wife
what she used to write to her paramour
....seems they are more blessed than me

strikingly beautiful than I can imagine
to those paramours
in my absence….

I killed her slashing her throat…
passing my judgement
making her pay for the bargain she used to do on name of my affection

Looking out of window
ln the rainy day….
trying to imagine the perfect words of my love letter
I am writing on the piece of paper using the blood oozing out of her …..
filling the red colour within the nicely carved heart and the arrow…..
and this time
not using my blood to show my affection to my love and
to the world….

She looks amazingly beautiful in the blood soaked dress even when she is unable to breathe
She was so honest to her countless men…..other than me

I am crying for the baby now…
my eyes staring to her lifeless body …..
and the rainbow hanging over the sky…