Life or train

Am going at 90 miles an hour
i cant stop if i want to see a tower
cant run, if i want to escape a shower
this train of life, doesnt listen to anyone

the guys get in, i want them or not
the people jump down, even i want them to stay
cant help, but feel the changes done
like it or not, got to do the journey of life

the hooting sound, sounds like nightmare
constant sound of wheels, rocks my ears
the noises in the station, kicks me outa sleep
close my eyes, and feel the pain when no ones around

you need the cash to complete your journey
you need it to fill your tummy
you need the cash to have a splash
you need it, even after you have a splash

if youre not fit to stay, gaurds throw
the gaurds throw u outta train
if youre not ready to stay u can jump down
as you jump out, its the end of ur life.