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    leave me alone....

    A scream escapes my lips
    No one has even noticed
    All they want to notice is the things i haven't said or done
    You make things up and say i said them
    You like to spread your rumours and pin them on me
    I can't stand it so i sit and take it
    I ignore you and you hate it
    It is your own doing which has caused this
    All i want is to be alone
    In my own mind, its safer then outside near you
    I hate you now with all my soul
    Do me this one thing and i will be at peace all i want you to do is...
    ...leave me alone
    Life is like a negros left ball...neither fair not right

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    May 2005
    Hangar 18 ... on parole ...
    LOL ...

    if these poems reflect whats really going on .. i can imagine ...

    anyway this was milder than that HATE n FUCK U one ...



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