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    nandy0894 is offline IGT Addict
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    May 2010

    its not only him

    its not only him that i have lost

    it is the entire foundation of love and trust
    it is the entire amount of care i've ever known
    it is the smiles i have smiled
    it is the tears i have cried
    it is the joy of my once red cheeks
    it is the laugh on my lips
    it is the snore in my sound sleep
    it is the twinkle in my eyes
    it is the pride of my nose
    it is the softness of my skin
    it is the nonchalance in my stride
    it is the music in my mind
    it is the confidence that once reflected in the mirror
    it is the carelessness of my actions
    it is the innocence of my nature
    it is the mystery of my words
    it is the routine of the day
    it is the chatter in the evenings
    it is the tranquility of the night

    it is not just him that i have lost, it is me..
    it is me who is now a walking corpse
    it is me who is now a stranger to myself
    it is me who is now clinging on to ghosts
    it is me who is now never going to be the same again..

    no, it is not just him that i have lost
    it is me..
    i am strong on the surface... not all the way through..
    i've never been perfect but neither have you...
    so if you're asking me i want you to know..
    when my time comes..forget the wrong that i've done , help me leave behind some..reasons to be missed..

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    monica_decosta is offline Composer
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    Oct 2006
    very very neat ..although its a ver convinient style of writing but the poem is good .. people depart and never even look back ...

    keep posting

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    MotherFuzzer is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2012
    nice lines...

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    such is life is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2012
    I like the style and the repetition very nice poem =]
    Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.

    —Ralph Waldo Emerso




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