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Thread: impatience....

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    till now
    i survived each scare..
    each struggle...
    every lies and bitterness..

    hold my faith to see one day
    to see myself
    coming up as new dawn
    holding my dream in my eyes
    and shaping up for the future ...

    walked through dead nights
    dark tunnel of life
    to see hope at the end of light..

    to hold the hand
    of my unborn...
    in my wife womb...
    hitting softly with legs
    with impatience too...
    and saying....
    i want to go with my dad.........

    heard the voice when i put my ears to her mom's womb...

    all of us at some point will experience robbing of innocence or spirit-weakening of that time it seems horrible or at least diffficult but later on you will hear people say that it was the best thing that happened to them becoz it clarified who they are & what life is to them. it puts us in touch with deeper things.
    two people can see the same thing,disagree and yet both be's not logical;its psychological

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    i bet u gonna be 'best father in the world'....
    नमो सुरस्वयंसिद्धा, नमो नादस्वरुपीणि I
    नमो ब्रम्हांडध्वनिर्मयी, नमो तस्यै नमो नमः II
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