This pen is not free
cause the language is not
i cant express the way i want it manu

"it rained last night" was i there or i said so cause i saw the wet grass
where is the word to put the visual
dont give me a bunch of more words ...
again i dont mean to shut u up do i tell u this "shut up / but respond"
your simple verbs and their ritualistic endings
just that ..just that much to express the fine shade of sparking blue i saw in the droplet last night

these biased snaps to perceiving nature, cutting it into blocks of presentable concepts and emphasizing only the pre-known faces
the cube shaped chines water Mellon bull-shit
i know why it is
its u oh language
most of these walls u put around with your conspirators
these groups that speak u
now ur a slave to them & those who write need u
thus a slave themselves

dont make those pseudo-intellectual monkeyed expression
give me
Some more to say water different name as per the shape of the object its held in
some more even to express the ages of people i am storying these visuals to
Some more to cross the present perfect boundary of this lingo and put has on my writing today

Let me see the way i want to,
live it with all its shades
i dont need to tell it to ur large groups
i dont need your illusion of freedom
i will keep it in my secret diary,read it, watch it, smell it.
so much that the "it" is no more "it"