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    i mean its ok .. if he has a proof then fine .. i'll give up everything and you gyus can shame me all you want .. idun care ..its jsut a stupid poem that i am not very proud of .. but the thing is .. he called me a liar! no body does that without any solid reason .. and i aint taking it ..sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocking_devil
    what??????????????! jj n big evil are bros! wow! cooool! now thtas news! fnatstic!


    @jj - dude, y r you getting so mad a srk - if you would have told him in a polite manner, it wouldnt bcome like this! and carrying this on further will onl;y lead to closure of thred by neo!

    he is not my bro
    Q-Whats the word that iz alwayz spelt wrong
    A-Wrong :p:

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    @srk.. that was one hell of a rap song.. lolz...

    well J.J i think u are having a mis understanding... please provide a source (if there is any) .. i know srk for almost a year now.. and i can place a bet that he will never do something like u said..
    الذئب الليلي

    أكثر مِنْ ألف رسول لا يَستطيعونَ أَنْ يَدُوروا طريقةَ التفكير في بلاد العرب، ماذا يمكن أَنْ نحن بشر يَعمَلُ؟

    يَتغيّبُ عن وطنِي حقاً، على الأقل نحن ناسَ عاقلينَ


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