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    I have to tell you something

    I have to tell you something,
    And that's not 'I love you'
    There's a lot of noise in here
    In my heart, that you can't hear.

    Being so grossly engrossed
    In my thoughts, I love
    Every moment with you I memorised
    Those awesome moments I crazily drove!

    I had had this life before,
    Being loved was a treasure I cherish
    Never shall I lose it again, dear
    Not being with you, I just perish.

    Don't take me the wrong way
    Our first we time was on a highway
    You know, I had to steer hard carefully
    Babbled out my thoughts too hastily.

    Believe me, I shall make it up to you,
    Just give us an another chance
    The music I listen is no longer blue
    Accompany me, you will love this trance.
    "Positive pictures come from negatives developed in the dark.So if you ever find yourself in the dark understand that God is working on a very beautiful picture."
    let live and live.
    knowledge for thyself is not wisdom, sharing it is.
    you backstab and you die.
    never say die and never lie.
    before you say,"I can't", say, "I'll try."
    one who thinks of doing it in one of the days, does it in none of them

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    some of the lines are too good it paints a vivid picture ... keepposting




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