where did you lost it?
i dont know, dont remember
may be at 5 when i had a picture of me
staring at me for a who?
may be at 22
drowning in the silent sea at a secluded goa beach
telling my self the sea is not big enough to drown ur spirit
or 24 looking at the long barren road to a hostel
a collage i never felt could give me soo many friends
or 28 when Miss sunshine opened her hands full of fire-files
and i thought she was too good to be with a person like me
or 30 when the one person i loved most in my family
fell dead in my arms, burning her on that sublime riverside
or 35 when i choose to be single for ever
knowing fully well how deep a silence this will create
or 40 when when the silence kept on roaring
and the loneliness created just a word nothing more
or 50 when not much mattered
suppressed every stupidity and killing some real tough animals
or 65 when i choose what happens
guide others not to fall for the pot holes
or 85 when the whole drama starts to make sense
and i look at you a 5 year old still asking
where did you lose it manu?
i dont know i dont remember..