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    Post I cant live without you...

    I cant live without you...
    Is it so?

    Life moves one step forward, one step back...
    Life has ups & downs...

    I cant live without you...

    Each passing hour, i feel lonely...
    Each passing moment, i feel lonely...

    I cant live without you...

    This heart beats for you.. & STOPS...
    Emotions flows high..& CRY...

    I cant live without you...
    Is it so?

    I ponder for no reason...
    I ponder for a dream...

    I cant live without you...

    yet another one...

    xcttn Ld t Сntmnt

    "Palko ke kinare jo humne bhigoe hi nahi.
    Wo sochte hai hum ro-e hi nahi.
    Wo poochte hai khwabo me kise dekhte ho.
    Hum hai ki ek umr se so-e hi nahi... "

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    -Other side of the Horizon- you wouldnt wanna be there..
    hey dear

    nice poem..
    your heart talks a Lot!!
    more than you do..

    Thus drifting afar to the dim-vaulted caves
    Where life and its ventures are laid,
    The dreamers who gaze while we battle the waves
    May see us in sunshine or shade;
    Yet true to our course, though the shadows grow dark,
    We'll trim our broad sail as before,
    And stand by the rudder that governs the bark,
    Nor ask how we look from the shore!

    Oliver Wendell Holmes



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    alpha1's pants
    aww.. such a sweet poem!

    Quote Originally Posted by bubbly's siggy
    ~You don't know what you got till it's gone~
    how abt:

    ~You don't know what you've been missing till it arrives~

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    nice poem!!
    n zoom, we cant live without u too...
    नमो सुरस्वयंसिद्धा, नमो नादस्वरुपीणि I
    नमो ब्रम्हांडध्वनिर्मयी, नमो तस्यै नमो नमः II
    ----------- निमिषा-----------------

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    1,249 much pain...:(
    i agree with bubbly, ur poems and ur heart spks more than u do...
    @crypt.....agree with u 100%
    Bjr - The best jokes are the ones that backfire
    guitarangela - Eggs are evil

    < B l a s p h e m y . i s . R e l i g i o n >

    Heard on FM: Tomorrow we have in our studios, india's biggest rock star, Himesh Reshamiya.
    I splutered Coffee through my nose.

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    nahi .........y dont u pause and ponder ......who am i to tell u things..rock on dude



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