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Thread: himmat....

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    posting the poetry ..HIMMAT..for your comments

    baandhane chale hai aasmaan ko apne junoon mein,
    kidhar chuup ke baithe hai jo hamein daraate the.
    sar pe kafan hai aur dil mein himmat,
    kahan gaye woh jo nazakat sikhaate the.

    sare-shaam katal hua jab hamaare armaano ka,
    jab bedili se hum tukhraaye gaye the.
    waqt ki berehami ne jab loota mujhe,
    ek pal ke saanson ke liye tadpaaye gaye the.
    kahan gaye woh jo....

    bepanaah mohabbat ki jo kasmein vaade kiye.
    nazaron mein mujko har pal bithate the,
    baatein kabr mein dafan ho gayi kyun ab,
    kabhi jo hamein deewana banaate the
    kahan gaye woh jo nazakat ....

    created the composition and posted too...
    check it out....
    link is...

    all of us at some point will experience robbing of innocence or spirit-weakening of that time it seems horrible or at least diffficult but later on you will hear people say that it was the best thing that happened to them becoz it clarified who they are & what life is to them. it puts us in touch with deeper things.
    two people can see the same thing,disagree and yet both be's not logical;its psychological

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    hey not good..............I HATE SAYING TAHT.....Y Dosent any one else comment....Great Effort friend man u r very ...regular .....dedicated ...sincier...hardworking....all that...and i belive those who criticise r hollow ppl transparent.... So dont have to see them standing....even me...when i comment

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    every stanza is different thought itself..
    need continuous link...

    i agree wit u madhuresh..
    नमो सुरस्वयंसिद्धा, नमो नादस्वरुपीणि I
    नमो ब्रम्हांडध्वनिर्मयी, नमो तस्यै नमो नमः II
    ----------- निमिषा-----------------

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    Quote Originally Posted by nimisha
    i agree wit u madhuresh..
    u kinda agree with everything i say........




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