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Thread: False ME

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    False ME

    I'm not used to writing poems. Ironically, I love writing poems . Alas!, you're not always able/lucky enough to do what u love :D

    I know!
    they hold no power
    over my life
    'cause It's my life
    I have my freewill

    I was taught adages like-
    "sunna sau(100) ka karna man ka"
    "If you try to please everybody
    you'll end up pleasing nobody"

    why do I need to -
    act, talk, walk in "this" way, "their" way
    while I like doing "that" way, my way?

    why do I need to-
    appear as A in a group of of B,
    as C while I'm with "D"
    .........and as Y at z's place
    To masquerade, to wear a false pretense
    to change myself in accordance to situation ?
    Am I a chameleon?

    My poor real self :(
    gang-raped everyday
    by hypocrisy, social conditioning and their accomplices
    entreats for a help
    But I no more hear the cries
    or do I
    pretend not to hear?

    Have A nice DAy :D

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    Jan 2009
    nice way to express your thoughts...
    N nice use of vocab...
    Nice lines...keep writing...
    I've hung around and I've taken my time,
    I've beat the dust and kissed the grime;
    Stand I shall, not for you though,
    Its just me now, wherever I may go.

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    Aug 2004
    thank you for your words...
    Hmm, I think I need to continue writing :D
    Have A nice DAy :D

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    Oct 2006
    ^ u sure need to :P

    this ? kind of lines... this style is quite involving

    good one




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