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    Wink expression of love

    just stop ur words,
    you don't need to speak.

    hold me tight in your arms
    and kiss, so i can sleep.

    what feelings your heart has,
    let your heart itself leak..........

    you are my mind,you are my soul,
    and it's my life that you control.

    you are my life, you are my heart,
    and my life's you are an important part.

    you gave me love, you gave me trend,
    and only with you i want my life to spend.
    smile! smile! n alwz smile!
    in evry prob ths shud b ur smile.
    life is gud for d 1
    who gvs life an enthu profile

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    The poem justifies the title, very well.........sweet
    if m not wrong added 3 paras rite? was actually lookin incomplete earlier
    * I thought a thought.
    But the thought i thought wasn't
    the thought i thought i thought.
    If the thought i thought i thought
    had been the thought i thought,
    i wouldn't have thought so much! *

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    hmm... short and simple...
    .: is it just |\/|E ... or is it the \/\/0rLD? :.



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