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    vstanv is offline Beginner
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    Jun 2007


    Is just that
    People meet.

    And get to know-

    Get to know
    how stupid they are
    get to know so
    there's no secret no more :(

    And talk-

    Talk nonsense, rubbish
    plus yea some
    Serious sounding shit

    And waste-
    money, lots of it
    time, all of it...

    And try-
    stuff together
    and call it by some word-
    wats dat? "Fun"

    Huff, whatever....
    lets not care
    'bout talking crap
    'bout whiling time
    lets be friends
    Ha, a nice ending line

    yea, tell me wat u think bout this one....

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    augur is offline I love bjr
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    Apr 2008
    With such a creative thread title the poem couldn't have been anything but great.

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    elfascinating is offline risqué
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    Oct 2005
    Highlights of a genius there.



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