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    Post Candle of my LIFE...

    "The candle of my life...
    Its just like a flame..

    Its hot & fiery...
    Stubborn & untouchable...
    But its soft & tender, if someone just gets deep inside...
    Ice cold & calm...

    Few people, reach there...
    Few, touch & go...
    Few, play & kick off...
    Few, cajole & caress; Leave...

    But...some are Unique,
    Who's tender touch is so addictive...
    Who's fondness is amazing...
    Who's act of caress is like a touch of feather...

    This is the one...
    Fuel for my candle...
    Oxygen for my body...

    But i need to sustain without it...
    I can burn myself, not someone else...
    I need to hold myself & be the fuel for other's candle... "

    xcttn Ld t Сntmnt

    "Palko ke kinare jo humne bhigoe hi nahi.
    Wo sochte hai hum ro-e hi nahi.
    Wo poochte hai khwabo me kise dekhte ho.
    Hum hai ki ek umr se so-e hi nahi... "

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    lord_neo Guest
    I see the falme is still on of the Candle of your LIFE...hehe

    Another good one, Zoom!

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    Deep Deep way 2 Deep. Reps.
    Opinions are like a$$holes. Evrybdy has one.




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