The mirror broke into a million pieces
Pieces big and small, sharp and blunt

I looked into the broken mirror,a million me
Who was me,Where could I be

Each piece was unique, each was a different me
Yet each was a leaf from the same tree

The piece at the top was big, I was the king, the despot
Who enjoyed life,leaving his subjects to suffer and rot

The piece at the bottom, very small,I was a farmer growing rice
The farmer who hated the king for all his vice

Pieces showed me that I was some one else, some where between
My shades varying from the bloody red to the grassy green

Life is a big jigsaw puzzle,the mirror showed
An important lesson taught,in front of the mirror I bowed

Life is a mixture of times good and bad, happy and sad
Life is what you are and not what you had

Life is a woman with charm,a man with wisdom
A child with innocence, life swings like the pendulum

Put the pieces together, blunt,sharp,big and small
Life`s calling, answer her call