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Thread: Born of dust

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    neologik is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2004

    Born of dust

    Hi again. this is another of my songs

    To the king a son was born,
    in his mouth a silver spoon , yeah
    the king was proud, his sceptre high
    he proclaimed his heir, yeah.
    "He'll rule all n he'll be grand ,
    he'll take on all of the lands,"
    n then the ol lady said,
    "He's but, still, born of the dust n dust shall be his bed."

    Ch: Im a king, Im a king,
    I dont need what u think
    i think ,
    i think,
    im made of gold n with Gods stay

    N so he was made to believe,
    he was not less, the king to be
    n he grew strong, n he grew brave,
    n went to his mother just to say,
    "Im off to battle those who defy,
    tht im king n their heads shall fly"
    n then again the ol lady said,
    "Your but, still, born of dust n dust shall be your bed."


    So he won tht war, n he won few more,
    n then he went n fought some more,
    n everywhere tht his feet fell,
    people, animals n corpses knelt.
    n he grew proud, n he grew rich,
    he had power within his reach,
    n then again the old lady said,
    "Your but, still, born of dust n dust shall be your bed."


    N then one day, a thing no one knew,
    hit this king out of the blue,
    this illness no one had ever seen,
    the king grew pail and sickly thin,
    n as he lay on his cushioned bed,
    he had to leave behind all that he had
    n then everyone in the kingdom said,
    "He was but, still, born of dust n dust is now his bed."

    Ch: (same as above except )
    Im no longer even dust n with Lucifer i stay
    [COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Thank God my life isn't a bed of roses,
    lest it soon wither away.[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]

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    maverick8218's Avatar
    maverick8218 is offline Guitarist
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    Aug 2004
    I liked it, neologik... nice concept, good narration...
    " Give us the strength, oh lord, to let our children starve" - Roald Dahl.

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    nadish's Avatar
    nadish is offline IGTIAN
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    Dec 2004
    Karachi, Pakistani
    Really like this line:
    "born of the dust n dust shall be his bed."
    Gud work
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