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Thread: bargain....

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    aura of happiness surrounded me
    blushing me ....
    with the thoughts of being together
    fulfilling the promises of love....
    listening the melody of relationship

    we decided this time to elope
    disregarding the intense emotions that
    bind us with our parents....
    seemingly untouched by harsh truth....
    but with belief in my beloved...

    ignoring my innersoul
    pleading not to do.....
    wrote the letter to themother....
    keeping near her ****ow..

    with beloved in arms
    arrived in the unknown territory
    surrounded by her so called cousin sisters

    big mansion with separate room for us...
    everything seems so nice..
    charmed with his patience and his effort..
    braving all the odds...
    myself getting ready to intiate the feeling of being wife to my beloved
    making our love story good and satisfying....

    with life on our own
    my paramour decided to have the way of our life...
    the essentialities of life.....
    money....he went leaving his bundle of joy.....

    dawn to dusk wait was over with knock on the door
    opened my eyes
    anticipating my sweetheart........dressed myself for the first night...

    unbolted the lock finding drunken unknown man
    blurting his name....
    saying he is the first customer...... and paying my man the money
    he bargained for....


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    though nice attempt to say but...
    i hate such stories....

    world is just full of *****....
    makes me numb..
    नमो सुरस्वयंसिद्धा, नमो नादस्वरुपीणि I
    नमो ब्रम्हांडध्वनिर्मयी, नमो तस्यै नमो नमः II
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